We’re collecting used sneakers 4thePlanet!
(And for people, too!)

Every year in the U.S., we toss 300 million pairs of shoes. Sometimes that’s because they’re too worn to wear. More often, though, they’ve just overstayed their welcome and we’re ready for something new.
The trouble is, most of our discarded shoes wind up in landfills. And the shock-absorbent insoles of some tennis shoes can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

Request a Sneaker Give Back Kit and put your used goods to good use.

Your sneakers don’t have to waste away in a landfill!
Through our micro-enterprise program, we equip people in developing countries to start and sustain small businesses through the sale of shoes. Shoes you donate.
At Soles4Souls, we’re protecting the environment by putting used goods to good use and turning shoes and clothing into opportunity.

Through our micro-enterprise program, we equip women in developing countries to start and sustain small businesses through the sale of shoes. Shoes that YOU donate. We’re also able to provide new shoes to people in need.

Get your Sneaker Give Back Kit.

Sneakers are the most sought-after footwear in our micro-enterprise program.


Let us know you’re 4thePlanet (and people!) by asking for your Sneaker Give Back Kit.


We send you everything you need to get your used sneakers to us: a recyclable plastic bag, some tape, and simple directions to get free shipping through Zappos.

Happy Dance!

Feel good knowing your kicks will make someone’s life better—and protect the environment at the same time!

Every pair makes a difference.

Every pair of sneakers you donate keeps 1.25 pounds of textiles out of landfills and provides food, shelter, and education for an entire family for an entire day!

How “used” can my sneakers be?

And other great questions…
How “used” is OK?
We’re happy to accept any shoes without holes. Other minor damage can be repaired!
What size are you looking for?
All of them—for kids and adults.
Can I donate other types of shoes?
We’re focusing specifically on sneakers for this particular campaign, but you’re welcome to donate any used shoes through our ongoing programs.
Why sneakers?
Our micro-entrepreneurs tell us their communities can’t get enough sneakers! Because of the demand, businesses can sell them for a higher price, which means more dollars in our hard-working entrepreneurs’ pockets.
How much does shipping cost?
Absolutely nothing!

Ready to return your kit?

Follow the directions to create your prepaid shipping label.

Attach the label to your Sneaker Give Back bag and drop it at your local UPS store. Don’t forget to include the completed donor form provided in your kit!
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