New shoes,
new opportunity.

With Soles4Souls a small investment
makes a huge impact.

Most of us can’t fathom what it would be like to lack something as basic as a pair of shoes, but for millions of people around the world, that’s an everyday reality.

We partner with women’s shelters, veterans’ organizations, children’s programs and schools to get shoes and clothing to those who need it most.

We’re on a mission to provide new shoes to the 1.5 million kids in the U.S. experiencing homelessness.

“For me, having a new pair of shoes… meant that I was worthy. It meant I had a choice when choice was such a rare commodity in my life. It meant that I could walk and jump and move without pain. It meant that I had dignity.”

 – Khadijah Williams, a survivor of homelessness and advocate for homeless youth 

When someone doesn’t have shoes,

it’s not just their feet that suffer.


Without shoes, people are vulnerable to scrapes, cuts, bacteria and parasites that can lead to infection and other serious illnesses.

Education & Employment

Kids without shoes often can’t attend school and adults can’t work.


New shoes give people the feeling of joy and dignity they deserve.

Everyone deserves a good pair of shoes.

Together with more than 1,200 nonprofit partners, we distribute new shoes and clothing to people in need across the U.S. and around the world.

Your donation makes it possible to provide shoes where needed most.

Explore one of the many ways
your company can get involved.

Play a direct role in distributing
shoes to people in need.

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